• Do buyers’ agents require a real estate exposure?
    Yes. Our senior management and the real estate buyers’ agents hold all the required expertise, knowledge and real estate exposure needed to fulfill their claims. Our active agents all hold a License in Real Estate Buyers Agent arena. We promise to deliver to you a buyers’ agent team with seasoned qualifications and decades of experience allowing comprehending property investment analysis, market trends to benefit the clients.

  • How to assess a property’s economical paying price?
    We perform deep due diligence for our clients on fresh sales and have at our disposal a detailed database of historical sales. We inspect every property and evaluate the pros and cons of every selected property. Such information, coupled with our seasoned realty market opinion gives our clients a reassurance that they are paying a market friendly property payment.

  • Can we get tax deduction for buyers’ agents’ fees?
    When you purchase a property for investment reasons, the cost of availing a buyers’ agent is usually tax deductible as it is considered a part of the acquisition itself, but you are prohibited to claim the fee as a tax deduction if the property is bought with an objective to reside in.

  • If I use your services, will you for certain search me a property?
    Yes, if your buyers agent note guidelines are achievable, we guarantee to provide you a personalized and seasoned service with a detailed analysis on every property evaluated. After our first discussion, we will have a clear picture of your specific requirements. If we deem your property brief to be unrealistic, we will advise you prior to proceeding with our services.

  • Do you offer any guarantees with your service?
    We are known for fulfilling our service commitments in the Australian property market. We work for our clients with integrity, and value the quality of our service. We will focus the search on your indicated preferences so failure to deliver what we promised doesn’t even occur. We will gain you an access to more properties, and keep you informed about similar sales, actual property value and capital growth estimations in your area.