Property investment Melbourne is becoming even more attractive nowadays, given the influx of global investors including from the emerging Asian economies. Direct investment in realty markets has increased leaps and bounds thereby requiring the services of expert buyers agent who in this aspect are also supposed to be mindful about the onus on them of increasing clients’ wealth from property investment. Our property investment services can provide you a fair idea about the areas poised to experience strong capital growth. They are also competent enough to make you secure a strong cash-flow. Whereas, answers to issues such as buying an inner-city apartment as your investment property or a freestanding house somewhere else in suburbia can also be availed from our investment buying experts.

Direct Investment
In the recent decades, direct Property investment Melbourne has increased greatly. This has resulted in making property investment a core investment class for adding to investors’ wealth via firm risk adjusted returns, and also making them receive sustainable source of income through regular distributions of fundamental rental incomes. A negatively geared property investment expenses in Australia; like the expenses of managing the property such as interest repayments, repairs and renovations and advisor fees are all fully tax deductible.

Self Managed Super Fund
A self managed superannuation fund or SMSF is a trust that holds money and investments to be managed on behalf of the members. The core objective here is to facilitate benefits to members as they retire or on the event of their death. A SMSF can be invested directly in residential property whereas owning a residential investment property under your SMSF is even more tax beneficial as against investing in a property in your own name. Borrowing to invest in property can guide your SMSF in sustaining a fair level of diversification inside your fund. Whether you use it or not to reside in, a property is an investment asset and must be treated accordingly, and so it is recommended to research a property prior to transacting it.