Our vendor community service offerings are for property sellers’ safety pertaining to their sale. Selling your property makes you anticipate receiving a great deal of monetary benefits with least holdups. Being Australia’s top property buyers’ agency, we are mindful regarding the issues tolerated by vendors of property assets.

Sellers at times are not able to realize satisfying sale price of their property transaction due to wretched advisory from their selling agent. Our vendor services offer a determined sellers agent to engineer your selling. A buyers agent is designated to give their services in an unbiased manner along with a timely strategic advice, an apt method of sale, the best advertising campaign and the negotiation process. After understanding your property specifics as a vendor we determine your personalized selling plan. We then suggest the appropriate agent for your needs. Offering you affordable agents fees and advertising services’ is also our duty.

We attempt to answer probable questions like:

Whether you should sell by auction or private sale?

What the budget should be for advertising?

We follow, negotiate and close the sale deal for you?

NOTE: We never act on behalf of the buyer and seller in the same transaction.